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Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC137 Park Life Regional Parks are a new way of encouraging economic and environmental regeneration and can act as a catalyst for generating multiple social, economic and environmental benefits across a large area. Here in the Northwest we currently host 9 regional parks that have been inspired by the work done in Emscher Regional Park in the Ruhr in Germany - a prime example of how designation as a regional park can help encourage investment in urban and environmental regeneration. Gareth Chadwick explores the thinking behind the Northwest’s regional parks and talks to leading proponents of the schemes about what makes regional parks such a potent force for change. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC139 Spotlight - Liverpool Sailing Club Ciara Leeming talks to members of the newly reopened Liverpool Sailing Club. After an arson attack in 2001 the future of the club was hanging in the balance but due its determined members and a successful partnership project the sailing club has now been officially reopened by HRH Princess Anne. Publication dateMarch 2007 MBC143 Mersey Waterfront Regional Park Strategic Framework A strategic framework created in 2007 for Mersey Waterfront regional part in order to establish a vision for the park up to 2020, analyse current and planned facilties,review and set out the strategic context, define the place in terms of geography and characteristics, advise on quality benchmarks, set out a framework for investment priorities to 2020 and consider and make recommendations for a future organisational structure. Publication dateJanuary 2008 MBC170 Regional Parks Xchange Baseline Study The purpose of this report was to summarise progress to date on the development of Regional Parks in Northwest England. The report was produced by Andy Routledge at the Mersey Basin Campaign / Regional Parks Xchange with substantial and helpful input from all of the Regional Parks teams. This represented the first time attempt to draw progress on all of the Regional Parks together into a single report. The Northwest Development Agency and the Mersey Basin Campaign worked together on the Regional Parks Xchange project between 2007 and 2010 to support the development of Regional Parks as a vital regeneration tool in the delivery of the Regional Economic Strategy. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC241 Project outline: Mersey Waterfront An outline of the Mersey Waterfront Regional Park programme (2002-2010)- a far-reaching and long-term programme of investment, influencing and coordination along the 135km of diverse coastline of the Mersey. The programme's aim was to transform, energise and connect the Mersey Waterfront and all its assets, to create a unique sense of place which attracted people to live, work, invest and visit. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC242 Project outline: Pride in our promenades An outline of the Pride in our Promenades initiative from Mersey Waterfront. This was a flagship project within the Mersey Waterfront Regional Park, and a strategic approach to enhancing public access to the waterfront. Schemes were completed at Otterspool Promenade and Dingle Esplanade, Liverpool, Egremont Promenade, Wirral and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Corridor in South Sefton and North Liverpool.