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Publication dateSeptember 2005 MBC089 Spotlight - Kath Juckes Source talks to PC Kath Juckes about her involvement in the massive community clean-up of Westhead Clough in Skelmersdale. She talks about the huge effort made by the community to clear 300 tonnes of litter and debris from the site and the positive effect that the clean-up has had on the area. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC218 Video - Emscher Experts Video clips from the 2009 Regional Parks Xchange study tour to the Emscher Landscape Park in Germany. We asked each of the German experts we met for one piece of advice when working on regional park project. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC217 Video - Emscher Lessons Video clips of the participants in 2009's Regional Parks Xchange study tour to the Emscher Landscape Park in Germany. Each delegate was asked to tell us what they'd learned from the trip and would take back to their own regional park project. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC216 Video - Tom Workman - Champion of Champions Tom Workman of Liverpool Sailing Club reacts to winning the Champion of Chmapions Unilever Dragonfly Award at the Mersey Basin Campaign's final conference in 2009 for his tireless voluntary efforts on behalf of Liverpool Sailing Club. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC215 Video - Bishop James Jones The Right Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool, reflects on the impact of the Mersey Basin Campaign at their final conference. Publication dateSeptember 2009 MBC214 Mersey Basin Video Nation A short video compilation showing Campaign staff, key partners and stakeholders talking about what the Mersey Basin Campaign has meant to them. This video was originally created for the Campaign's final conference. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC138 Sounds of the City John Robb introduces us to the audio trail, a series of ten audio files intended to be listened to whilst wandering along the Rochdale Canal in the city centre. The audio trail features stories and interviews from local experts and gives a unique insight into Manchester’s fascinating social, cultural, industrial and radical history. From the rise of suffrage to the first time the Sex Pistols played, from Marx and Engels to the largest gay village in the country, covers it all whilst focussing on the integral role the Rochdale Canal has played in forming the city of Manchester as we know it today. Publication dateSeptember 2008 MBC137 Park Life Regional Parks are a new way of encouraging economic and environmental regeneration and can act as a catalyst for generating multiple social, economic and environmental benefits across a large area. Here in the Northwest we currently host 9 regional parks that have been inspired by the work done in Emscher Regional Park in the Ruhr in Germany - a prime example of how designation as a regional park can help encourage investment in urban and environmental regeneration. Gareth Chadwick explores the thinking behind the Northwest’s regional parks and talks to leading proponents of the schemes about what makes regional parks such a potent force for change.