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Publication dateJune 2006 MBC099 Environmental Champion - David Crawshaw Source talks to David Crawshaw, regional catchment estates manager for United Utilities and this year's winner of the prestigious environmental leadership category at the Northwest Business Environment Awards. Publication dateMarch 2007 MBC110 Seizing the Day Source goes to talk to a variety of businesses, artists and academics about what they as individuals and companies are doing to become greener, more sustainable and to reduce carbon emissions. Publication dateJune 2007 MBC115 Spotlight - Martin Beaumont Source talks to Martin Beaumont, chief executive of the Co-operative Group about how sustainability is being incorporated into all areas of the Co-op's work and what this means for both the business and its customers. Publication dateJanuary 2008 MBC122 Spotlight - Chris Matthews Source talks to Chris Matthews, United Utilities’ dedicated carbon manager about the scope of his job and the challenges United Utilities faces in trying to provide the best service to customers whilst trying to also cut carbon emissions. Publication dateMarch 2009 MBC142 Environmental Champion - Pete Bradshaw Source talks to Pete Bradshaw, corporate social responsibility manager at Manchester City Football Club. He discusses how his previous career led him to his current position and explains the ways Manchester City FC are working with communities to promote sustainability. Publication dateJune 2009 MBC223 Northwest Business Environment Awards brochure 2009 Brochure for the 2009 Northwest Business Environment Awards, run by the Campaign, which recognise excellence in environmental management and sustainability. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC230 Case Study: Northwest Business Environment Awards This case study is part of a specially written series focusing on our projects. They are designed to show you how some of our best projects were delivered. Each case study provides background information, examines the original project idea, methodology, funding information, looks at who was involved, and draws out lessons learned from the experience. We hope these case studies will prove useful and inspirational, especially for those delivering similar work. This case study focuses on the Northwest Business Environment Awards. The awards were MBC's method of recognising environmental excellence in Northwest businesses. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC243 Partnership case study: Unilever PLC Case study focusing on the partnership between the Mersey Basin Campaign and Unilever PLC. The document examines the reasons for Unilever's involvement with the Campaign, the nature of their partnership, and draws out some of the benefits gained from the union.