Mersey basin Campaign


This website is an archive stuffed full of resources drawn from twenty-five years of our work at the Mersey Basin Campaign.It can be overwhelming at first, so we’ve put together a series of collections that we hope will encourage you to dip your toe in the water. These collections are designed to help tell the story of the Mersey Basin Campaign, provide an overview of how we worked, and give you a flavour of the kind of projects we were involved in.

There’s lots more to see in the archive, so if something here piques your interest, dive into the search area and follow it up. If you need help, use our search tags as a starting point, or check out the search tips.

Campaign Voices
Events and Activities
Governance and Organisation
It Took a Riot

Local Heroes
The Basics
The Way We Worked


We searched through thousands of images from the Campaign’s life to put together these galleries containing some of our favourites. We thought they reflected the full range of Campaign activities, as well as showing off the Northwest in its best light.