Mersey basin Campaign

Campaign Voices

The Mersey Basin Campaign was all about people. We worked with a huge range of partners, stakeholders and volunteers from all walks of life, many of whom remained involved with the Campaign over a large number of years. Engaging the communities who live near our watercourses was always a key focus of our work, and we were fortunate along the way to have extremely committed and enthusiastic staff.

Our final conference, which took place in September 2009, saw over 500 people come together on the banks of the Mersey in Liverpool to celebrate the life of the Campaign, and the achievements of everyone who contributed to it over its twenty five years.

In this collection, you can hear first hand accounts from some of the people whose lives the Campaign touched.

There’s the ‘Video Nation’ film that we put together for that final conference, which sees our own staff and friends from some of our partner organisations reflect on what the Campaign meant to them personally. There’s audio material from some of our Unilever Dragonfly Award winners – the Northwest’s finest environmental volunteers, and interviews with some of the partipants in 2008’s Mersey People project talking about how the clean up of the River Mersey affected their lives. And there’s a first hand account of the early days of the Campaign from someone who was involved at the time.

Collecting the thoughts and memories of everyone who’s worked with us would have taken at least another twenty five years, but hopefully this selection will give you a flavour of some of the people and relationships that were at the heart of our Campaign.

For more like this, you might like to check out the Mersey People material from our archive.