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Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC239 Case study: Waterproof Northwest This case study is part of a specially written series focusing on the delivery of some of our key projects and events. They are designed to show you how some of our projects were delivered. Each case study provides background information, examines the original project idea, methodology, funding information, looks at who was involved, and draws out lessons learned from the experience. We hope these case studies will prove useful and inspirational, especially for those delivering similar work. This case study focuses on Waterproof Northwest, a project funded by the Environment Agency as a follow-on from the ENMaR project, aimed at further engaging the Northwest's planners with the impact of the EU's Water Framework Directive. This case study focuses on the project's use of a scenario-planning technique to engage stakeholders. Publication dateDecember 2009 MBC240 Waterproof Northwest: 2030 scenarios A series of scenarios produced for Waterproof Northwest, an Environment Agency-funded project aimed at engaging local authorities and especially planners with the EU's Water Framework Directive. These scenarios were used for consultation work, and people were asked to select which they felt was the most likely future for the Northwest. The research was carried out during 2009, and the scenarios are set in 2030.