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Publication dateSeptember 2004 MBC192 SourceNW Issue 6 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Wind In Their Sails - Deborah Mulhearn The Hidden Pollution - Edwin Colyer Spotlight - Lesley Brannan Business Rescue Me - David Ward Research The Sharp End - Claire Curtis-Thomas Publication dateJanuary 2005 MBC193 SourceNW Issue 7 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Canal Watch - Mark Hillsdon Speaking Out - Louise Tickle Business Derbyshire Life - Kevin Gopal Resarch The Sharp End - Ian MacArthur Publication dateSeptember 2005 MBC194 SourceNW Issue 9 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Keeping Up Appearances - Ben Willis Celebrity Makeover - David Ward Spotlight - PC Kath Juckes Business Public Bodies - Matthew Sutcliffe Flocking To The Mersey - Tim Melling Research The Sharp End - Dr Keith Hendry Publication dateJanuary 2006 MBC195 SourceNW Issue 10 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Hot Spots - Paul Unger Ganges Of The North - Louise Tickle Spotlight - Tony Dean Business Electric Current - Matthew Sutcliffe Paddle Power - Louise Tickle Research The Sharp End - Beatrice Fraenkel Publication dateJune 2006 MBC196 SourceNW Issue 11 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up What's It Worth? - Jason Teasdale Behind The Facade - Mark Hillsdon Spotlight - Margaret Fletcher Business Icebergs In The Thames - Matthew Sutcliffe The Right To Float - Anne Arnold Environmental Champion - Dave Crawshaw The Sharp End - Lewis Biggs Publication dateDecember 2006 MBC197 SourceNW Issue 12 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up New Model Farming - Mark Hillsdon International Rescue - Mark Lupton Spotlight - Dr Kevin Anderson Business Canal Mania - Deborah Mulhearn Looking For Answers - Paul Unger Environmental Champion - Ailsa Holmes The Sharp End - Chris Baines Publication dateMarch 2007 MBC198 SourceNW Issue 13 Regional Round-Up Local Round-Up Alien Invasion - Ciara Leeming Down To The Sea - Michael Taylor Spotlight - Richard Leafe Business The Keyboard Is Mightier Than The Sword - Louise Tickle Seizing The Day Environmental Champion - Joe Feeley The Sharp End - Kevin Gopal Publication dateJune 2007 MBC199 SourceNW Issue 14 Regional Round-Up Bazaar Case Notes: Caught In A Trap - Ciara Leeming Walking On Water - Mark Hillsdon Westward Ho! - Antony Wilson Spotlight - Martin Beaumont Business The Life Aquatic - Edwin Colyer Environmental Champion - Sarah Williams The Sharp End - Emma Jones